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You are welcome to www.student-care.com, a secured online marketplace where Students and Tutors meet and connect to solve an educational need. Our Terms of Use (“Terms of Service” or “agreement”) otherwise known as an agreement binds you to the terms and conditions herein listed when you access this website or take any action or make use of any other services (“services”) on our website. If you intend to make use of www.student-care.com website either as a Student, Parents or a Tutor, then you must read, review and agree and comply to be bound by this agreement and You should also read our , which is incorporated by reference into these Terms and Conditions.


This agreement is a legal binding one to the usage of our website and services associated with it, which includes our Privacy Policy and other terms associated with it. This agreement can be changed at any time at our discretion, and the modification will be announced or posted.


Access to our websites and its services is prohibited to anyone under the age of consent (under 13years), any actions for underage should be done by consenting adults, legal adult or biological parents. By making use of our service, you agree that you are not involved in any social vices or subjected to any legal prosecution, which includes but not limited to 1) criminal or civil restraining order(s); 2) registered as a sex-offender; 4) violence or aggression issues. Tutors will not give lessons to underage students unless there is a consenting adult, legal guardian or parent(s) are present. Likewise, underage student(s) is/are prohibited from taking tutoring class unless there is a consenting adult, legal guardian or parent present.


At Student-care.com, we operate as an online marketplace where Students and Tutors meet to connect and solve educational problems. We are like freelancing website where the Tutors are independent, and the students are clients. The students are at liberty to hire any tutor of their choice from the large database of Tutors we have. And the tutors are given a chance to create their custom profile page that will sell them out to their potentials students. They also have freedom of setting their rates, decide when to teach and can also apply for nearby jobs. Tutors are expected to receive reviews from their students after each session. The whole idea of Student-care.com is built on need, trust, and service to yield positive results for all parties involved.


Our services at Student-care.com is distinct from the services the Tutors renders. All the parties involved in this association are independent including us. As a student, you must acknowledge that we do not employ tutors. They are contractors who are separated from the body of StudentCare. Consequently, we are not endorsing any Tutors to offer you any of the services listed on our website. You are to make sure you carefully select your Tutors at your discretion.


In our pursuit to make StudentCare safe for you and those that come after you. You must comply with the listed applicable laws and terms of service/use which include but not limited to:

  • You must not use our service for any unlawful purpose(s)
  • You must not threaten, bully, use abusive words, or infringes on our or any users intellectual property rights.
  • You must not threaten, bully, use abusive words, or infringes on our or any users intellectual property rights.
  • You must not threaten, bully, use abusive words, or infringes on our or any users intellectual property rights.
  • Users must not spam
  • Must not engage in sharing erotic or romantic contents
  • Students must not be rebellious to Tutors
  • Users must not transmit and software(s) or documents that contain viruses and malware or any other materials that have the potential to cause harm.
  • Users must not advertise and work outside the rules guiding the services of StudentCare.
  • Users must not or have intentions to harm our websites or copy our intellectual contents or designs.
  • Users must not use a robot or spider to crawl our website and services


StudentCare is responsible for collecting payments from Students and paying it out to Tutors. Students are expected to make use of verified payment processors with StudentCare to make payment easy and convenient for them and also to make Tutors collect their pay promptly. And Tutors must comply with our payment terms and conditions as contained in the Independent Contracting Agreement.


StudentCare hereby disclaim and assume no responsibility for evaluating, confirming or verifying the authenticity, truthfulness of any content or information herein contained or posted by users. We are not to be held liable for ensuring compliance or adhesion to any applicable rules, laws or regulations of this agreement. We have no idea where the tutoring will be taking place, neither do we have any prescribed locations for educational instructions to be given. We, therefore, disclaim responsibility for the conduct of lesson (either online or offline) by the users of our services. None of our administrative officers, agents or advertisers will be sued under any conditions for damages or lost of properties, personal injury or death as a result of using our website or our services. We are not responsible for the loss or theft of personal information you posted on the website


StudentCare reserved to use users posted or submitted content, including profile content, profile pictures, review among other things in different ways as we deem fit. Including but not limited to the reproduction, distribute, translate, modify, and analyze, commercialization.

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